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What Is MarketKing All About?

MarketKing is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in South Africa.

It provides an expert approach to growing companies through the correct use of the Digital Space as a high revenue generating area.

Google AdWords


As a leader in the Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management field, MarketKing has grown to be known for its high value services to clients. These services have led to MarketKing being placed in the top 5% of AdWords Agencies on the planet.

Google Certified


Through MarketKing’s high value service and performance, it has been recognized as a Google Certified Partner. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your Google AdWords PPC Campaigns are in good hands.

Google AdWords


Whether you want to advertise on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube or any other form of Google Advertising, your AdWords PPC campaigns will be run in a professional and efficient manner.

Website Creation

A website is an asset for any business in the 21st century as it is most likely to be the first point of contact that a customer has with your brand. Your website needs to be built in a way that is not only pleasing on the eye but also in a way that is user friendly and looks good on any device imaginable.

Website Maintenance

All too often MarketKing has come across clients who have been left with substandard websites and no place to turn to for help. MarketKing provides for this unfortunate set of circumstances by offering services to maintain your current website and even give it a facelift if you want to update it.

Web Hosting

Having a great website will be of no use without reliable and fast servers to host it on. Picture web hosting as being a gateway from your website to your client. Without a reliable server, your website will perform inadequately and likely miss being seen by potential customers.

A little Bit More About MarketKing

MarketKing was created to fill the gap in the Digital Marketing environment of a company that provides a fully inclusive Digital Marketing strategy from start to finish.

To ensure that all facets of Digital Marketing were addressed, MarketKing sought to provide all services needed to ensure that a company would have the best Digital presence possible. This is done through providing the services of Website Creation, Website Maintenance, Web Hosting and Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management.

MarketKing’s Skills

The Company

MarketKing was created to fill the gap in terms of a Digital Marketing Specialist that focuses on all areas of Digital Marketing. Through experience it is clear that a Digital Marketing presence is most effective when implemented from start to finish. This means that a company should build its digital presence by not just creating a website but ensuring the website itself is effective and the marketing thereof.

The MarketKing Group will therefore focus on your company and all of its digital facets such as its website, digital advertising and social media aspects to name a few. This can be done as a package service or specific facets if needs be. Ultimately our goal is the same as yours, to build and grow your business through the correct and efficient use of the digital space

MarketKing’s Goals

Our goals at MarketKing are simple. These goals are to grow your company’s web presence in the digital space. To do this we provide the following services:

– Pay Per Click Advertising
– Search Engine Optimization
– Website Creation
– Website Maintenance
– Email Marketing
– Web Hosting