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Looking for that extra bit of revenue and new customers? Advertising your company or service online may be just the answer.

If you are looking to find ways to increase the revenue and sales that your company is getting then finding ways to promote your company or service online may be the best way to do this. In this article we look at 6 of the ways that we believe are ways in which you can promote your company online that will lead to an increase in sales. 6 of the ways in which you can advertise your company online are:

1. Use The 3 Big Local Listings

Register your business on Google through the use of Google Places. This ensures that your company appears on various spaces within Google such as Google Maps. You should also look to register your business on Yahoo! Local as well as Microsoft’s alternative Search Engine, Bing. By advertising on these major players in the digital world, you will place your company on multiple platforms that receive large amounts of traffic. You must also ensure that you do not just focus on one of these platforms as this will lessen the chances of your company receiving traffic from each source. Whilst Google will undoubtedly lead to the most amount of traffic, this does not mean that you should neglect Yahoo! or Bing. Furthermore by focusing on each platform, your SEO and traffic will increase based on this process. In short, ensure that you give your website and online presence the best possible chance to be noticed by Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

2. Use Social Media

Use Social Media as a tool for generating new leads and not just something to do because everyone else is. Through a clear and well formulated strategy you will be able to advertise your company online to a large amount of people. Ensure that you also use all of the different Social Media platforms and do not just focus on one of these platforms. This will ensure that you can get the greatest reach possible and lead to new customers.Social Media in this instance involves multiple different platforms and not just one over the other. For this reason you must look to utilize at the very least Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. You should avoid posting the same content on each platform however if this is unavoidable then there is not too much of a problem. Ultimately your goal in posting on these social networks should be to increase your digital presence, generate traffic and ultimately increase the revenue generated by your company.

3. Start and Maintain a Blog

It is no secret that a website which keeps its content fresh and up to date will be viewed favorably by Search Engines such as Google. This means that you should keep an active blog and continue to make regular posts relevant to your product or service offerings. The goal in this instance is to keep your website content fresh and rank higher in search results when your company or service is being searched for online. When writing blog posts you must ensure that these posts are not just there for the sake of having a new post. Instead focus more on writing less articles but at a higher quality. This will be more favorable in the long run as you will ensure that not only do you receive traffic to your website, but the people visiting your website become more engaged with the content and thus more engaged in the information or products that you are advertising or selling.

4. Use YouTube and Flickr

YouTube and Flcikr are very important tools as they allow for a large amount of reach to new customers. This can be done through promotional videos and pictures that can then also link back to your website. This will result in a large amount of traffic via backlinks which will ensure a very healthy ranking when it comes to search and your company’s online presence. YouTube is particularly important as any person involved i Digital Marketing will tell you that videos and video advertising is one of the better ways to advertise your company and generate increased revenue. When advertising your company online using videos be sure to post videos on a regular basis that lead to significant amounts of interest. This will lead to more repeat views from the same people and soon you will have a large base of customers that show continued interest in your company or the information you provide. Ultimately you will have a great reach and new sources of possible clients.

5. Make Your Company Website Search Engine Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important factors when it comes to advertising your company online. By ensuring that your website performs optimally and follows SEO best practices your company will gain a significant amount of traffic. This traffic will come as a result of high page rankings. This method of advertising your company online is therefore incredibly important. With any website it is incredibly important to ensure that it is Search Engine friendly so as to not miss out on and possible traffic that can come from organic results. The most significant part of this type of traffic is that there are no explicit charges for receiving traffic as a result of having a high page ranking. It can also be said that the more organic traffic you generate the more you will see the benefit of SEO practices which will lead to a renewed focus on this practice.

6. Utilize Press Releases

If you believe that you have done or stumbled upon something that is newsworthy then be sure to make use of free publishing websites to get these posts viewed by readers. This engagement will lead to an increased brand awareness and links towards your website which will ensure further SEO of your website. There are many websites out there that thrive on already written articles that they can then post on your behalf. In most cases these websites already have quite a significant amount of traffic that can lead to more possible clients. Furthermore, by getting your website to be linked to in these articles, you will increase your website’s SEO ranking by means of an increase in backlinks.

By following the above 6 steps as well as utilizing other methods, you will ensure that your company gains a greater digital presence. This will lead to your company, business or service being advertised online and ultimately leading to an increase in revenue and sales. If you are unable to follow all 6 of these methods, you must ensure that you can follow as many as possible. These methods must however not be neglected as this will simply be lost opportunities of getting new and more clients. As such when looking to advertise your company online, you must make sure that your strategy encompasses a multi pronged approach which will benefit you and your company.

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