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Pay Per Click Advertising is possibly one of the most powerful tools in the digital age. The problem however is that it is not fully understood by many which leads to less than adequate results. This article will therefore look to address some of the basics of PPC campaigns that are used on Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?

So what exactly is Google AdWords? Put simply it is a gateway for companies to showcase their products on the Google Network. You know those ads at the top of a Google Search or those Image Ads on websites that seem to follow you around? Those are more than likely a result of your own habits and behaviors when browsing the internet. It is also not only about Display Ads but also includes advertising on Google itself when users search for a particular search query. These adverts are commonly found at the top of search reseults as well as at the bottom of the page of search results. The position that should obviously be aimed to achieve however is that of the top of the first page which is where your ad will be clicked the most amount of times and lead to the most amount of conversions.

Within Google AdWords there are 2 main methods of showing adverts namely Search and Display. As alluded to before Search Advertisements would be the ads you see when searching for something on Google whilst Display Advertisements are the Image Advertisements you see across different websites. There are many other platforms with which you are able to use to advertise your company which means that you must not simply associate all pay per click advertising with Google AdWords only. There a re a variety of other pay per click platforms with another one that is mainly used being that of Facebook. Using Facebook advertising is anotger very powerful tool that will enable you to reach a large audience that can also be targeted based on a few different aspects. These include location, language and interests among other possible factors to target.

To stand out in the Digital Marketing Space, advertising on Google is mandatory. If you aren’t, your competitors likely are and those potential customers will take the increased revenue and Return on Investment with them.

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