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SEO is a term that refers to Search Engine Optimization. In its basic form the term SEO is often used to describe the rank that a website will have when searching on search engines for the website itself or the service that website offers. These search engines include search engines such as Google, Bing and various others.

How does a site improve its SEO?

How exactly pagerank is determined by search engines is often debated however a few suggestions are always common whenever SEO is spoken about.


The first of these methods is to ensure that your website contains high quality content that relates to the possible search queries that may be made. If for instance your website deals with the sale of Dog Food, the website must make reference to this numerous times. Be careful however, as keyword density is monitored by search engines so ensure that you do not use the phrase excessively.

Update content regularly

Ensure that you constantly publish new content and pages to your website. This is most often seen through the use of blogs and blog posts. This updating of content will increase your SEO rankings as it shows search engines that your site is healthy and active.

The use of Metadata tags

Metadata tags are still of importance to SEO rankings as they ensure that when your website shows up in Search engines, the title and description show correctly. The three most important meta data tags to focus on are title Metadata, description Metadata and keyword Metadata.

The title Metadata is arguably the most important tag as it will show in Search engines as the heading of your website. For this reason make sure it is relevant to the search term you want to show up for and is also likely to generate a high click through rate.

The description Metadata tag is used to give a short description of the website in Search Engines. This ensures that people who are searching for a particular term can get a short glimpse of what exactly your page content is all about. A good page description will lead to more clicks and a higher level of SEO performance.

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