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Sometimes it’s better to let a breaking website go and begin building a new, better website.

The Common Decision That Companies Need To Make

An all too often scenario is that of the decision that many companies or individuals face at least once in their history. This scenario is the decision of whether they should continue with their current website and try to update it or simply start from scratch and create a new website entirely. This decision can be quite complicated however there are some factors that should help making the decision an easier one to take.

The First Factor

The first factor to take into account is the overall size of the website. If the website is less than 10 pages then it would be fairly easy to create a new website entirely. This new website can be created using a new template whilst still utilizing the already used content. This will result in an updated look and feel whilst still maintaining the original content. The content can however also be changed should it be deemed to be not of a high standard. This is an important factor due to the way in which quality content can affect a website’s SEO.

The Second Factor

The next factor to take into account is the historical performance of the website itself. If the website has performed well with high amounts of conversions then it may prove to be a better decision to maintain the current website instead of creating a new one entirely.A hybrid model can also however be adopted. This model will maintain the overall look and feel of the current website with minor changes that are made to give the website a bit of a facelift. These changes can be made in a manner so as to ensure that the overall look and feel of the website remain relatively unchanged but with a few minor changes made for an overall improvement in performance.

The Third Factor

The loading time and overall backend of the website are often factors that are not taken into account as they can’t actually be seen. An audit of the websites mechanics would therefore ensure that any and all backend components can be checked and evaluated. Many of these changes are incredibly important for SEO and if left ignored then large amounts of organic traffic could be missed out on.


The above three aspects are just a drop in the ocean in terms of what should be taken into account when deciding on whether to build a new website or not. The overall decision is however often evaluated by Website Building Agencies who have experience in deciding on the best way forward. For this reason, it may be best to contact such an Agency and get their opinion on the matter. This will ensure that you can get an unbiased and informed decision that will ultimately lead to the improvement of your company’s digital presence.

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