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Online marketing has lead to advertising that is above all other advertising techniques around the world. Websites and online platforms have led to the traditional methods of research and advertising becoming redundant. This is a very positive step forward as you are now able to advertise your company on a 24/7 basis and do this advertising in the most relevant and dynamic spaces. As such any advertisements can have a great impact on future sales and your brand as a whole. Furthermore advertising online can mean that your company can reach customers on the other side of the planet without a lot of effort needed on your part.

Currently in South Africa the career of a Digital Marketer is still quite a foreign concept. As such it is in fact quite rare to find someone who will be able to tell you what exactly a Digital Marketer does. To this end, it means that there is quite a substantial need in the market for Digital Marketers as the industry is still very much in its infancy. For this reason the Digital Marketing Industry is sure to grow and grow rapidly in South Africa in the very near future.

Digital Marketing In South Africa Today

A startling study recently conducted by World Wide Worx showed that as many as 5 million internet users were identified in South Africa in 2010. Even more startling is the exponential growth that has been realized in that by 2015 over 25 million internet users are now seen in South Africa. This number is sure to have grown even further as we move to the latter part of 2016. This staggering number of users is also compounded by the amount of time a user uses the internet per day with just over 5 hours per day on the internet through laptops and computers in addition to a further 3 hours a day on mobile phones. The numbers are simply staggering and shows exactly why Digital Marketing is going to be such an important industry in the near future.

How South Africans are using the internet is also beginning to change extremely rapidly. This is easily identifiable when walking down the road or sitting in waiting rooms. Cell Phones! You can’t avoid them and you also can’t avoid people using them. As such the internet usage amongst South Africans is showing an identifiable shift of internet usage on mainly laptops and computers to cell phones.

Why Is The Above So Important?

With easier and more access to the internet so does the accessibility to ecommerce and online store. Added to this, the ways in which these online stores advertise are known to be more effective and even cheaper than that of traditional advertising methods. Digital Marketing and its power in South Africa is therefore something that is incredibly important to be aware of. No matter the size of your business, the online space is something that cannot be ignored.

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