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Digital Marketing is probably one of the most thrown around phrases when in comes to ways in which you can advertise or grow your brand.

What Is Digital Marketing?

So what exactly is Digital Marketing? To be fair, the term is not an exact science and so it is rather difficult to actually give a one line description. But for the sake of this article, lets give it a bash. Digital Marketing refers to the way in which a company or brand advertises or promotes their brand across all different platforms and devices connected to the digital world. Seems simple enough right? Things get a little tricky now though. The fact of the matter is that there are so many different devices that have access to the digital world and even more platforms that these devices can visit. In order to make this complexity a bit simpler and easy to understand, it would be a good idea to break down Digital Marketing into its elements.

Devices Targeted With Digital Marketing

Looking at the different devices briefly, we can identify things such as computers, mobile devices and tablets. These devices all come in different shapes and forms but share the commonality that is their connection to the internet and the usage of the Digital World just a click away.

Different Forms and Ways of Digital Marketing

These devices would however be rendered useless were it not for the various platforms and software that allow the devices to connect to the Digital World. Once a person visits the internet they are suddenly immersed in a variety of content from every single interest on the planet they could imagine. These pieces of information on transmitted through various forms of media such as social networks, news websites, general websites and any other form of Digital Content. Social Media is something that has become synonymous with life in the modern age and with it comes the ability for brands and companies to utilize these tools to reach a large audience with very little effort. There are then a vast array of websites across the internet that all have their own objectives and content to ensure these objectives are met.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in South Africa

So where does Digital Marketing come in to all of this? Digital Marketing is important as it essentially identifies the reality that there is a massive opportunity to reach new customers over the internet. This reach however can only be achieved not through luck, but careful analysis and understanding of how one small change can have a massive impact. What’s more is that any change that occurs will commonly have a knock on effect that leads to a large amount of influence. Digital Marketers therefore possess a large amount of power in that they can use the necessary Digital Marketing skills to achieve certain results all whilst analyzing how this influence can be improved through highly measurable statistics.

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