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Assessing trends and strategies that are evolving in the context of Digital Marketing in South Africa

How a Company can use Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in South Africa is going through a constant process of evolution as it both attempts to catch up to the rest of the world as well as adapt to the current changing marketing climate in South Africa. The most important factor in this regard is that South African companies take advantage of this evolution to find a good Digital Marketing Agency and then use this Agency so that the company can meet its full potential.

The Importance of a Website to Digital Marketing

Currently many companies in South Africa have caught on to the fact that without a website, the company’s digital presence will be greatly diminished. With this realization, many companies are now easy to find on Google Search so long as their website is SEO friendly. There has however also been a development in that because more companies are creating their own websites, there is more competition on Google Search for certain keywords. A clear example of this would if you were to type in the phrase “Insurance” and all of the respective pages that will be shown. The first Digital Marketing Trend that can be identified is therefore that of websites and how South African companies have caught on to how important this resource is.

Driving Traffic to a Website using Digital Marketing

Having a website is one thing, driving traffic to it is another challenge on its own that brings about more Digital Marketing trends that are currently taking place, more specifically within the borders of South Africa. The most recognized and focussed on of these trends is that of the use of Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and various other platforms. These platforms, if managed properly can be a major source of traffic to a company’s website and will also lead to an increase in conversions. Any South African company that is not using or planning to use Social Media will slowly fall to the wayside as their competitors that do use the resource profit off the falling company’s clients.

Google AdWords in South Africa

The final trend of Digital Marketing in South Africa to be discussed is that of Google AdWords. This advertising platform is an incredibly powerful tool that will only grow in its influence as more and more companies create websites. This is because through the use of Google AdWords and a clearly formulated strategy, a company can be discovered on the first page of Google which has been proven through countless studies to be the most likely place to lead to conversions.

The Rise of Digital Marketing in South Africa

Digital Marketing in South Africa is therefore on a rapid rise to prominence as companies come to realize the full potential of this valuable resource. The message is also clear in that any company that fails to accept the influence that Digital Marketing has will simply become less noticeable and thus increased revenue and new clients becoming less likely. There is no shortage of Digital Marketing Agencies in South Africa either which means that any company is able to increase its digital presence with ease.

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