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The City of Gold, the economic hub of South Africa and an AdWords Agency ready to take on the world.

How Easy is it to Find an AdWords Agency in Johannesburg?

Trying to find an AdWords Agency in Johannesburg can be quite a task. Especially when someone tries to use Google as a method to find one. A simple search on google will bring a variety of results of possible AdWords Agencies in South Africa. One thing that we have noticed is something that appears to be quite prominent. This is the fact that AdWords Agencies in Johannesburg or South Africa seem to pay a serious amount of money on advertising their own AdWords Agencies with a relative few showing up in the organic results. The organic results seem to be reserved for international AdWords Agencies who seem to have an edge in this regard to their Johannesburg counterparts. As such it can be said that it is in fact quite easy to find an AdWords Agency however finding a good one can be quite difficult. As such, as with anything, you will need to ensure that you do as much research as possible so as to ensure that you get the best possible people to help generate more traffic to your website as well as more possible leads. If however you simply choose the first company you come across, you may be left with a sour taste in your mouth as you put large amounts of money towards a marketing avenue that simply does not generate a lot of results. It is also the Agency’s ethical responsibility to evaluate the campaigns results on their customer’s behalf and if they notice that there are not a lot of positive results, to inform their client of this. Ultimately the client and the agency share the same goal which is that of getting increased traffic and leads which should lead to an increase in results. Importantly the use of AdWords should lead to a good return on investment and should not be seen as a cost but rather an expense that leads to more money being generated as a result of the campaign than that which is spent.

What Else Can An AdWords Agency in Johannesburg Offer?

AdWords Agencies are more often than not also involved with other aspects of Digital Marketing. This more often than not includes Search Engine Optimization, Website Creation, Web Hosting and other various Digital Marketing skills. This is however to be expected as any agency that deals with AdWords will tell you that creating campaigns doesn’t just stop at an AdWords level. Instead AdWords Agencies need to ensure that they are able to create and manipulate websites so that the landing pages will lead to the highest amount of conversions possible. With this in mind an Agency suddenly begins to develop skills that are not only suited for an AdWords Only Agency based in Johannesburg, but rather a Digital Marketing Agency that can address any and all of a client’s Digital Marketing needs. It is therefore very common to come across agencies that focus on many areas and not just AdWords. This is however not a bad thing at all, as AdWords results can in fact be increased based on the improvements made to a website itself. This is because the pages that Adverts send traffic to will be seen as more relevant and this will lead to a higher quality score and ultimately a lower cost per click. In essence this means that more traffic will be generated at a lower cost.

Why Web Development Services Are An Advantage

When looking for an AdWords Agency in Johannesburg that also offers web development services, the company that hires the AdWords agency will benefit because they only have to deal with one company for all of their Digital Marketing needs. This will lead to an all inclusive and clear strategy when it comes to the increasing of a company’s digital presence. As previously stated there will also be an added benefit in that improvements made to the website will also lead to more traffic generated by AdWords due to a higher quality score and lower cost per click. For this reason when deciding on an agency to look after your AdWords account, ensure that they are able to offer basic services that allow your website to be improved and managed in an efficient and high quality manner.

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