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Advertise only to those who are able to buy your product and not to those who can’t.

Having been born in Sandton, South Africa, the brand of MarketKing was not short of potential clients. These potential clients however, would need to be correctly targeted through the correct use of location targeting. This would ensure that all of the advertising that was ever used in AdWords would be spent on potential clients that would be more likely lead to conversions based on the common locations that both companies would have.

How Google AdWords Location Targeting Works

When using Google AdWords, there is the ability to target advertising campaigns based on location. This targeting is arguably one of the most important setting that should be adjusted when setting up a campaign. This can be said as a company would not want to advertise its products to potential clients that would simply not be able to purchase it. Within Google AdWords there are 3 possible settings that can be selected depending on the particular needs of a campaign. These 3 options are not to target anyone based on location, to target anyone in a certain location or searching for that location and target only those within the location. The most commonly used and advised of these options to be used is to target only those who are in the actual location.

Precise Location Targeting Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords also allows for certain locations to be excluded following the same three settings as mentioned above. This feature is important to use for 2 reasons. The first is to ensure that no person in a location that will not lead to a conversion is targeted but also to exclude certain areas within a targeted area if it can be deemed that these areas would also lead to a waste in spending of the advertising budget. As such you must ensure that whenever you first setup a campaign that you exclude regions that are known to generate low converting traffic. You must also use historical data that you have gathered using Google Analytics to identify the regions that lead to the least amount of high quality traffic and also exclude these areas.

Why You Should Use Google AdWords Location Targeting

The above demonstration gives just a glimpse of how you are able to use Google AdWords location targeting but also the ways in which it can be used to manipulate who you want to target based on a certain strategy. Digital Marketing Agencies and AdWords Specialists such as MarketKing are able to ensure that this type of setting is used to its full potential. This leads to an increase in the efficiency of a company’s advertising budget spend and an overall increase in results. If done properly, you will be able to ensure that all traffic that comes to your website as a result of AdWords is from high quality regions that are known to be more likely to convert with regions that lead to no conversions being excluded entirely.

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