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Google AdWord Remarketing refers to the use of the Google Display Network to advertise your company or product to people who have already visited your website.

How Do Remarketing Tags Work?

How does a business know that you visited your website? Through the use of a tool by Google AdWords known as a Remarketing Tag. This tag has been installed on the website which then ensures that your browser leaves with something called a “cookie”. No not that type of cookie, in this instance this is a bit of advanced software that allows other websites to see which website you have previously visited that have had Remarketing Tags installed on them.

The Technical Details of Google AdWords Remarketing Tags

Now something quite interesting begins to happen in the background that most users are completely unaware of. Through the use of Google AdWords, the company that wants to show their product to you again would have setup a campaign that targets anyone who has visited their website or a page of their website. Google then utilizes the information form these Google AdWords campaigns that have been setup to advertise the product that a company offered on various other websites in certain advertising blocks. You know those adverts that just can’t seem to stop following you no matter which website you go to? This is not by chance, this is a highly calculated and targeted campaign with one goal, to get you to visit the advertisers website again.

Intrusive? Maybe. Highly effective? Definitely, and this is something that all of the most advanced companies are taking advantage of. Imagine being able to chase after that client that walked out of your store without buying something and handing a flyer or promotion to them every 10 steps to remind them of what they are missing out on. This is Google Remarketing in a nutshell.

Why Google AdWords Remarketing is so Powerful

To put it simply Google Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in the modern digital age and if your company is not doing it, then it is simply falling behind the pack leaders. To ensure that you get the most out of your website, it is recommended that you find an AdWords Agency that will take care of your campaigns for you and ensure that every tool at their disposal on Google AdWords is used. It is also important to remember that when using Remarketing that there is a fine line between good marketing practices and being simply intrusive and harassing. For this reason you must ensure that your advertisments are not counter productive and instead of getting a customer back to your website, rather push them even further away. This can be done by ensuring that you advertisements are shown only a certain amount of times a day. This will all you to ensure that your ads do not intrude on a persons web browsing experiences , but rather act as basic tools to remind a potential customer of your product or service which they were interested enough in to visit your website in the first place. Using Google AdWords to remarket to customers is therefore something that shpuld be done in a responsible and thought out way so as to ensure that the objective of the campaign does not become counter productive based on using bad practice.

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