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AdWords Specialists – How to avoid becoming a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

The Challenge Facing Google AdWords Specialists in Johannesburg

One of the biggest challenges that a Digital Marketing Agency in South Africa will face is the issue of how far should it diversify its skills within the Digital World. This is a challenge due to the fact that a company’s digital presence often relies on more factors other than its website, SEO and AdWords campaigns. With that being said, these 3 factors are still major parts of a company’s Digital presence and are all also very time consuming to do and do well. For this reason a trend is beginning to emerge of Digital Marketing Agencies in South Africa that focus on a few areas and become experts in this regard.

To be an AdWords Specialist or Not?

Whilst it may be tempting to diversify its offerings, an agency may be better suited to focus on a few areas and become the leader in these facets. Whilst it may take longer to acquire the same level of revenue as a Digital Marketing Agency that offers various services, once a reputation for being the best in the industry is attained, far more clients will be drawn to the company in the long term. There can however also be an error of judgement in this thought process in that many companies use website development as a way to get their foot in the door for a new potential AdWords client. This is done by building a website that looks and functions well and then punting the idea to the customer of increasing the traffic that the website receives by means of an AdWords campaign. In all likelihood, the client will want to get a lot of traffic to their newly built website and using AdWords would be a good way to get this done on a near immediate basis.

The Power of Becoming an Expert in Google AdWords

At MarketKing we do not underestimate the power of Digital Marketing in the form of Social Media, Email Marketing and other Digital Communication methods. We rather focus on becoming an AdWords Specialist that improves conversions through optimized website design and landing pages. As such, we have become known for our expert knowledge in AdWords, SEO and Website Creation. These factors all share the common factor however in that we want to build websites that are highly likely to result in conversions and then bring relevant and targeted traffic to these websites as well. Essentially we are mastering the art of getting customers to engage with websites and also getting these customers to the website in the first place. An AdWords Specialist Agency in South Africa may currently be a rare find, but this will become the norm as Digital Marketing Agencies identify the importance of not including too many services that lead good results in most areas as opposed to the best results in just a few.

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