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MarketKing – Google AdWords Campaign Management

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What We Offer

  • Top 5% of Google AdWords Partners Worldwide

  • Google AdWords Certification

  • Certified Google Partner

  • No Initial Setup Fee

  • PPC Campaign Management

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Best Management Fees

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R5000 Monthly Spend – 20% Management Fee
R10 000 Monthly Spend – 17.5% Management Fee
R15 000 Monthly Spend – 15% Management Fee
R20 000+ Monthly Spend – 12.5% Management Fee
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Google AdWords PPC Management Pricing

[pricing_table style=”default” columns=”4″][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”Jack” price=”5 000″ currency_symbol=”R” interval=”Per Month” id=”1389950167991-0″ tab_id=”1464589882881-1″]

  • 20% Management Fee
  • 80% Google AdWords Spend
  • Campaign Setup
  • Monthly Reports

[/pricing_column][pricing_column highlight=”true” color=”Accent-Color” title=”Queen” price=”10 000″ currency_symbol=”R” interval=”Per Month” id=”1389950168041-9″ tab_id=”1464589882949-7″]

  • 17.5% Management Fee
  • 82.5% Google AdWords Spend
  • Campaign Setup
  • Monthly Reports

[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”King” price=”15 000″ currency_symbol=”R” interval=”Per Month” id=”1389950168076-2″ tab_id=”1464589882992-7″]

  • 15% Management Fee
  • 85% Google AdWords Spend
  • Campaign Setup
  • Monthly Reports

[/pricing_column][pricing_column color=”Accent-Color” title=”Ace” price=”20 000+” currency_symbol=”R” interval=”Per Month” id=”1389950168111-3″ tab_id=”1464589883047-8″]

  • 12.5% Management Fee
  • 87.5% Google AdWords Spend
  • Campaign Setup
  • Monthly Reports


What Is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is a tool used to advertise companies or individuals on the Google Network. To do this campaigns must be setup and then monitored to ensure that advertisements come up at the right place and and the right time whilst at the lowest cost possible.

Why Should You Use It?

Google Adwords is a powerful tool when properly implemented. This is because it ensures that your company is advertised to millions of people using the internet everyday.

Should You Outsource?

You would be able to create your own AdWords Campaign and begin advertising your company or product. This however more often than not leads to wasted budget spend and your business not benefiting as much as it could compared to campaigns managed by AdWords Agencies

Why Choose MarketKing?

MarketKing was created with a simple vision in mind. To grow business through the correct use of Digital Marketing. Through this vision it has managed to rise rapidly to success with recognition of being in the top 5% of Google AdWords managers on the planet.

What If You Decide Against It?

MarketKing is highly flexible in terms of contracts. This means that if you decide AdWords is not for you, your campaign can be stopped and no penalties implemented or introduced.

So What’s The Next Step?

If you believe that AdWords might be for you then feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a free no obligation quote. There really is nothing to lose.

The Following Is Just Some of What is Included In The Management of All Google AdWords Campaign 

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  • Website Analysis
  • Website Strategic Overview
  • Landing Page Optimization


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  • Monthly Reporting
  • Superior Customer Support
  • Content Generation


MarketKing prides itself on its reputation for managing Google AdWords campaigns. Its innovative and ground breaking methodology in managing AdWords campaigns has led it to become part of the top 5% of Google AdWords Management Agencies on the planet. This means that your campaigns are in safe hands and will result in the most favorable outcomes possible.

MarketKing aims to not just get your website clicks and impressions but real results that will lead to an increase in revenue. We pride ourselves on growing your business and ensuring that your Digital Presence is given the upper hand over your competitors.

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