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Google Display Advertising is used to refer to the advertising of your company or product on the Google Display Network.

What is Google AdWords Display Advertising

This advertising is done through the use of Google’s Advertising Tool, Google AdWords. This tool allows you to advertise on various websites that have Google Advertising installed on them. You have undoubtedly taken notice of these advertisements that seem to be popping up everywhere with some advertisements even relating to some of the websites that you have recently visited.

What Determines who sees your Image Advertisements

How exactly these advertisements are shown to you are based on a variety of factors that the person showing the ad believes you fit. These ads can be setup to show based on a variety of criteria such as the specific website you’re visiting. the words on the webpage, the type of category that the website falls under and various other targeting tools.

You will most commonly notice that if the advert is not relatable to you as a user of the website, the website or specific webpage you are visiting is. This is what ensures that these advertisements are so powerful in that they are highly relevant in the context of yourself or the website you are visiting.

How to use Google AdWords Display Advertising

So how do you get your own company or product to be displayed in these advertising spaces? The answer is simple, Google AdWords. Through using Google Adwords you will be able to create advertisements and then set up campaigns so that these advertisements are shown across a variety of different websites.

Why Using a Google AdWords Agency is a Good Option

As is a common trend however, it is most probably the best idea to contract a Google AdWords Agency to create and manage these campaigns on your behalf. This is because the Google Display Advertising Network is so large that it is easy for your adverts to be lost amongst all of the clutter. AdWords Agencies deal with these campaigns on a day to day basis which means that their expertise will ensure that your budget is used in the most efficient way possible with constant monitoring also taking place.

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