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SEO is a term that refers to Search Engine Optimization. This refers to a website’s performance when it comes to being found on Search Engines.

When trying to explain what exactly SEO is, the explanation often gets very technical with many people raising their eyebrows at some of the details. This article serves to give a layman’s explanation of what exactly SEO is.

In its basic form SEO refers to the process of adjusting a website with the goal of the website appearing on the first page when a person searches for it on Google or any other Search Engine. If you were to go to Google now and type in any search term and press enter, the websites that appear on the first page would not be there by accident. Instead, these websites have been seen by the Search Engine as being highly relevant to the phrase of keywords that were entered.

To show Google that the website is relevant to the keywords that the person entered, the website would have been built in a specific manner. This would include various technical aspects that include website structure, content, images and overall site performance and usability. All of these aspects if performed and used correctly when building the website will ensure that the website has the best possible chance of appearing on the first page of search results.

A website is therefore incredibly important but the way it is built is even more important. This is because it will ultimately lead to either a high amount of visitors or on the other end of the spectrum, a low number of visitors. The ways in which a websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be improved are therefore always going to be complicated and hard to understand for those who do not work with it on a daily basis.

The main information that should be taken from this article is that SEO is the process of building and maintaining a website with the goal of the website showing on the first page of search engines when relevant keywords to the website are searched for.

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