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The 3 letters that almost every website developer knows and aspires to achieve, Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO.

How does Search Engine Optimization Work?

So what is the best way to improve your SEO rating and performance and rank higher in the organic results in Google. There are many theories around this with Google’s mystical algorithim often spoken about in dark corners of Digital Marketing Agencies. It is commonly agreed upon that SEO scores are calculated on a few criteria. The most common and regularly featured of these criteria is that of content, backlinks, keywords, alt tags and overall website performance. This is just to name a few. When assessing or building your website, you should take into account all of these factors so as to ensure that you give your company or brand the best possible chance of being recognized as a website that is relevant and provides value to a person who is searching for your product.

The way that you use these different tools above to improve your website’s performance in organic search will ultimately lead to an increase in traffic to your website and an overall positive impact. We have also often researched about other ways in which different Digital Marketing Agencies aim to improve SEO scores as well as read countless blogs about the subject.

The Common Trend of Improved SEO

Using all of the aforementioned research and the information thereof, we were able to find a common trend that will lead to an improved ranking in Search Engines. This trend is that of creating and developing your website in a way that is both easy to use but also has large amounts of substance. Put simply, if you create a website and ensure that you look after it and update it as you should, then SEO will pretty much take care of itself. Sure there are certain details such as Meta Tags, Page Loading Time and other factors, but once you continue to update your website these will become second nature.

Ultimately, the time that you put in, you will get back in return in the form of high organic ranking from your SEO efforts. So put it the hard work and make your website a resource that is ever evolving but always leading the pack.

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