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This is a question that is often asked but very few people are ever given a definitive answer. We have a particular opinion on this and it is simply that one big website almost always is a better option than multiple smaller ones. This is due to a variety of reasons as listed below:

  1. More Backlinks to the Website

The first reason why having one large website is better than multiple smaller ones is that all of the backlinks will be combined to the single domain. This will result in the large website becoming far more trustworthy than if the same amount of backlinks were spread over multiple smaller websites. In essence backlinks are worth gold when it comes to SEO and page rankings so to have them all pointing to one website is extremely powerful and important.

  1. Less Work to Maintain Social Media

By having multiple smaller websites, you will also in all likelihood have multiple social media accounts for each website. This means that you will have a lot of work to do to ensure that you keep the account updated with fresh content. The better option of having a single website will mean that you only have to maintain one social media account which will result in that page being updated much more regularly and all of the likes and followers of the pages again being combined to result in one big social media following as opposed to multiple smaller ones.

  1. Less Work to Maintain Website

A website is a continuously evolving beast and having lots of them will mean a lot of time and effort to maintain it and ensure that it gets fresh content on a regular basis. Having a single website means that you can focus only on that one and ensure that it is as user friendly as it can possibly be. With all of your effort into one website, it will become a less tedious task to ensure it is constantly updated and working in the best way possible.

  1. More Traffic to the Website

As with all of the above, when your resources are spread across multiple smaller websites then you will have a few websites with a low amount of traffic. If however this traffic is combined into one large website then this will result in a lot of combined traffic to this one website. This increased level of traffic will mean that your rankings will likely increase on Search Engines as well as the likelihood of more backlinks from other websites.

  1. Website becomes an Authoritative Domain

With all of the above taken into account, your website will begin the process of becoming a trusted authoritative domain. Due to your focus and enhanced presence as a result of a well maintained website that has regular content updates and social media accounts with fresh posts you will now have a website that begins to show up more often on Search Engines.

Genesis Mining Promo Code