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So you have decided to take the plunge and order your brand new website and you can’t wait to start getting those new customers and clients. You sit at your desk and sit patiently waiting for a message from your new client but theres a problem. The message never comes, below are our top 10  mistakes that happen when designing your new website:

  1. The colors used are far too complicated and detract from the usability of the website

2. The logo is not professional and does not portray a company that is at the forefront in its industry

3. The menu bar is cluttered with more than 7 main tabs.

4. The website is not Search Engine Optimized which means Search Engines cant index the website.

5. There is no clear user journey that should be taken leaving users confused on where to go to next.

6. Unorganized content layout that adds to the confusion of the website.

7. The website is not mobile friendly so any users visiting on the cellphones are immediately deterred from going any further.

8. There is no clear call to action such as contact details or contact us page.

9. There is background music which makes the user frantically try to close the website.

10. No testing was done leaving the website not fully functional as it uses broken links and unfinished pages across the website.

So there you have it, those are the 10 ost common website design mistakes we have identified that happen in our beautiful country of South Africa. Have any more that we didn’t mention? Feel free to send us a message or contact us on our Social Media pages. Cheers for now.

Genesis Mining Promo Code