Google AdWords can be used by anyone and everyone. The tool is highly accessible to anyone which means advertising campaigns can be setup in a very short space of time.

More often than not however, AdWords campaigns that are setup by companies do not run effectively due to a variety of reasons. Most common is that  the campaigns that are setup and created in a rush and without any real knowledge as to how to use the full potential of Google AdWords. As such it can be said that Google AdWords can be used by anyone, however whether or not it is the best thing to do is another decision that needs to be made. This decision will need to be made after a large amount of research that can identify if you will be able to get a good return on your investment.

This however should not deter a company or individual from using Google AdWords as there is an extensive variety of AdWords Agencies that provide this service to ensure that any advertising campaign reaches its full potential. AdWords Agencies deal with advertising on the Google Advertising Network on a daily basis and as such they are well equipped to deal with the most complicated o problems. These problems will be dealt with in the most efficient way possible due to agencies probably facing the same problems before. As such they will know exactly what to do and how to do it without any need for in depth research.

In short, if you want to advertise on the Google Network, there is nothing stopping you doing so. If however you want to ensure that your campaign and advertising spend does not go to waste, then hiring an AdWords¬†Agency to handle your advertising for you is a no brainer. You must also however take into account that sometimes advertising online may not be the best option in that it may not lead to enough of a return on investment for it to be worthwhile. As such, the results and leads that are coming in as a resut of advertsing online must be continuously monitored so as to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and not losing money by means of a marketing method that is simply not a viable option currently.