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Do you want to see some more results from your online marketing campaign? These tips may be just the answer

1) Add your main contact number/numbers to the top right hand side of all pages of your website.This should be done as it is the first place that a person will normally look while your website is loading. With this in mind, having the contact number being easily seen and prevalent there is a higher likelihood for more people to phone you upon visiting your website.

2) Make it easier for potential customers to contact you by means of an easily accessible contact form on each page of your website. This will ensure one less click in order for a potential client to make contact with you upon visiting your website.

3) Ensure that your website is completely professional by means of correct spelling and grammar. A sure way to put off a possible client is through unprofessional work which is very easy to see when sentences are poorly written and contain misspelled words.

4) Don’t underestimate how much of an effect font size and style has on a potential client. This is because font that is hard to read or strains the eyes will in all likelihood not be read. To avoid this use a decently sized font and a style that is both easy to read and stylish.

5) The importance of a logo on your website is something that is very crucial to be aware of. This will show a potential client various aspects of your company such as its ability to be creative whilst also sticking out from the crowd.

6) Ensure that any content that you add to your website contains keywords that relate to your company and its offerings. This must be done in a way so as to ensure that sentence structure is still professional and maintains an easy to read trend.

By implementing these 6 aspects when designing your website, you will be able to see a significant increase in the amount of conversions of visitors to your website. The ultimate goal is therefore to create and maintain a website that is both pleasing on the eye but is also practical and easy to use for all potential clients.

Genesis Mining Promo Code