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Websites On Mobile Devices


The best website is not one that looks great on a computer but one that looks great on anything with a screen.


What does Website Responsiveness Mean?

The hot topic and question in the website building industry today, “That website looks fantastic, but is it responsive?” To which any good website builder will save of course, quickly minimize the tab and wave the cursor around as the website stretches and bends to any form necessary. This is done to show to all those watching that the website can indeed change its form so that it displays correctly and in a way that is easy to read to anyone. Above all else, the website must also be easy to navigate and use without having to concede and rather visit the website on a computer screen.


Why a Responsive Website is so Important

So why is responsiveness so important? Simple really, have you seen how many people use their phones to browse the internet lately? And whats more have you seen how different the screen on a mobile device is to a computer screen and lets not even get started on tablets. This is why a website that is responsive has become so important. With the wide assortment of devices that browse the internet available today, your website needs to shine in all its glory no matter what shape or size the screen.


So the next time you go to a website on your phone and you see how the website has managed to change its form entirely or even looks like a completely different website, know that this is no mistake. Instead when the person building the website was going about their work, they put a lot of effort into ensuring that the website you’re looking at right now is displaying in the best possible manner.


Written by MarketKing – Google AdWords and Digital Marketing Specialist

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